Machined parts / spare parts

Fast execution, high quality, competitive prices

We provide machined parts (milled, turned, drilled, honed ...) according to customer specifications and drawings from a wide supplier base. Our core competency herein lies in short and reliable lead times, excellent quality and competitive prices.

In case the drawings are no longer available, we have the necessary reverse-engineering capabilities to produce spare parts from existing or even out-of-service parts (within legal possibilities). For this we utilize a state of the art high-precision German (Reverse-)engineering capabilities.

We offer an end-to-end service starting either from a drawing or set of specifications. We offer engineering services, we call for a minimum of two quotes, compare them, negotiate prices, produce, control the quality and export to whichever destination is required.

Especially for construction machinery, automotive and aircrafts, we provide standard and customer specific innovative anti-vibration elements (Rubber-Metal parts). If needed and upon request, we offer application-oriented technological expertise.


Please contact us for a quotation or for more information on our machined parts /spare parts programme.