Trustworthy, competent, fast and innovative

In all our services, we work together with the most knowledgeable, trusted experts and companies in their respective fields to provide complete end-to-end solutions according to customer requirements.

Typically, our projects start with identifying customer needs, defining project scope / product specification. Subsequently, we support our customers with supplier or business partner selection, price and delivery negotiations. Throughout this process, we at EME agency are actively involved in delivery management, quality control, organisation of customs processes, logistics and business follow-up.

We select our business partners carefully and individually based on their innovation potential, high quality standards, fast response time and professional business ethics and trust. Consequently we guarantee consistent high-quality standards, competitive prices, timely delivery. As such we maintain an excellent service level to ensure our long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

In addition, EME agency maintains a well diversified technology partner and supplier base to maintain objectivity at all times and make sure the interests of the customers are respected.